Thursday, May 23, 2013


(drivers not listed with Cup)

The M&Ms car
Elliott SadlerCandyman (old)--Elliott's most-successful Cup run was in the M&M's Ford.

Sam Hornish JrSideways Sam--derogatory nickname referring to Sam's tendency to spin-out and crash, especially at the Cup level.  His name is also occasionally used as a synonym for "crash", most-famously by Tony Stewart: "Did we get Hornished there?".

Justin AllgaierThe Little Gator--refers both to his short stature and his last name's pronunciation ("gaier" sounding similar to "gator").  Justin's teams frequently have an inflatable or stuffed alligator in their transporters.

Chad HackenbrachHacken-something--self-ascribed nickname (occasionally seen over the driver-side window) in reference to his difficult-to-spell last name.

Kenny & Kim Wallace
Darrell Wallace JrBubba--UNKNOWN, though Bubba is a common nickname for southern men.

Kenny WallaceHerman--given by a local track promoter, alluding to Kenny's resemblance and similarities (especially in mischievous behavior) to comic-strip character Herman The German.  Also goes by "The Herminator", a portmanteau of "Herman" and "The Terminator".

Ron Hornaday JrThe Restart King--earned for his mastery of green-flag restarts in the Truck Series.

Todd BodineThe Onion--possibly self-ascribed, refers to his bald head, which loosely resembles an onion.  Was also called a "Cueball-Headed Fool" by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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