Thursday, May 23, 2013


Rick Carelli

Rick CarelliThe High Plains Drifter--Rick hails from the high-altitude of Colorado.

Coo Coo Marlin:  Clifton Marlin's better-known name was self-ascribed at a young age--as a toddler, he constantly mispronounced his first name as "Coo Coo".

Kelly Girl Sutton:  refers to the famous "Kelly Girls" of Kelly Service.

Richie EvansThe Rapid Roman--Richie came from Rome, New York.

Ray HendrickMr. Modified--comes from his lengthy career in Nascar's Modified series.

Ralph EarnhardtIronheart--the Sportsman series driver (a forerunner of the Busch/Nationwide series) earned his nickname for his never-give-up attitude, finding success despite limited resources.

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