Thursday, May 23, 2013


AtlantaNascar's Fastest Track--Atlanta typically posts the fastest lap times on the circuit, and as such is the "fastest" track that does not feature restrictor plates

Sign at Bristol Motor Speedway
BristolThunder Valley--though the track IS located in a valley, the nickname actually originates from the neighboring drag racing facility.
World's Fastest Half-Mile--differentiates the high-banked Bristol's comparatively high speeds from other, flatter short-tracks.

DarlingtonThe Lady in Black--refers to the "dark" nature of the track, which is notoriously hard on drivers and equipment.
The Track Too Tough to Tame--see above.

DaytonaThe World Center of Racing--In addition to the world-famous Daytona 500, the Daytona facility hosts such diverse events as motorcycle racing, endurance racing, and even short-track racing.  Originally referred to the actual Daytona Beach, which hosted numerous land-speed record attempts in the early days of the automobile.

DoverThe Monster Mile--the highly-banked track with the huge, sweeping turns is extremely difficult on drivers and equipment alike, as well as the only track on the circuit that is EXACTLY one mile long.

Indianapolis' "Yard of Bricks"
IndianapolisThe Brickyard--the historic track's historic Indianapolis 500 was first run on a tar-and-gravel track, which quickly disintegrated under racing conditions.  This was soon replaced by millions of paving bricks, which held up better in the coming years.  Though the bricks were eventually replaced by asphalt, the nickname has stayed, as have a small portion of bricks at the start-finish line.

MartinsvilleThe Paperclip--a take on the shape of the track, which has been called "…two drag strips connected by two hairpin turns".

New HampshireThe Magic Mile--a self-ascribed nickname that refers to the tracks's approximate length.  The origin of the "Magic" part of the nickname, however, is UNKNOWN.

PoconoThe Tricky Triangle--Pocono is the only track on the circuit to feature three turns instead of four (or more).  With all three turns featuring different banking and racing grooves, the track is notoriously "tricky" to prepare for.  Before gaining this moniker, the track was occasionally called "The Speedway That Thinks Its a Road Course".

RichmondThe Action Track--a tribute to Richmond's tendency to produce exciting finishes and on-track drama.

RockinghamThe Rock--a simple abbreviation.

TexasThe Great American Speedway--self-ascribed, and appropriate for the patriotic-themed pre-race ceremonies.

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